Brickyard Animal Hospital

1213 East 3300 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 801.486.0123

Boarding Information

Though we support and recommend the VetTech Pet Sitting Team. This is not a Brickyard Animal Hospital Service. Please direct all questions to VetTech Pet Sitting

Pets and Pet Parents alike, feel anxiety and guilt when we have to stash our four-footed loved ones in a kennel or ask friends and family members to tend. Our feelings are multiplied if our pet is very young, elderly, needs daily medication or needs other specialized care. We want you to know we care and have expertise with all kinds of animals. Dogs and cats surely but also horses, small reptiles (turtles,snakes, lizards etc) bunnies, ferrets, fish, hamsters and rats. Now how many pet sitters can claim that plus medical experience as well? In most cases if we are pet sitting we feed once, twice or even three times a day if you so request. Our goal is to keep your pet’s schedule as normal as if you were home. We get to know your pets. We cherish our play time with them. In other words we’ll do whatever YOU request – including sleeping in the bed with your pet if we are house sitting. We know our pets do best at home! Pressurized cabins and decibel counts aboard airplanes. What about flight delays or other travel problems? Some airlines no longer allow certain pets – don’t concern yourself with airline policies – just call us!

Cats are uncomfortable with any change in terrain – let alone the constant interruptions while traveling. Most pets don’t react well to alterations in water or food. And while you can find a Vet for emergencies on the road, what if your pet requires hospitalization? Your neighbor can stop by to feed your cat or walk the dog. But they may not have the experience to handle an emergency, and they may resent the time it takes to care for your pets.