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Cosmetic Surgery

Ear cropping is a cosmetic procedure which originated as a preventative measure for ear infections in working dogs. Ear cropping is a popular choice for Boxers, Great Danes, Doberman Pincher, PitBull Terriers, and many other breeds. Ears are typically cropped between 7 and 10 weeks of age, if your Puppy is older than 12 weeks, it may be too late. Finding a Vet to perform the crop at this age will be very difficult!

General anesthesia is used to sedate the pup allowing the surgeon to remove over 1/2 of the dog’s ear. The ears are taped-up with medical dressing after the surgery. In about 8 to 10-days, the stitches are removed. The Vet will then tape your dog’s ears rigidly, in an upright position.

You will now be responsible to clean, tape, and re-tape your pups ears for about 4-6 months on average. If you can’t commit to caring for your puppies ears, we recommend to leave them natural.

We will do the first taping right after the stitches come out. It’s a good idea to have the next couple tapings performed by us also, so you can watch and learn. This will assure that your ear cropping is healing properly without infection or complication.

Once your pup’s ears are healing you can maintain the crop and tape the dog’s ears yourself, they will soon be standing proudly.

There are a many different taping methods used for ear cropping, such as the post method, and dog ear taping with pipe foam.


The ear taping utilizes a stiff “post”, to support your Dog’s ears after ear cropping surgery. To prevent ear infections, it is important to remove the dressing and posts about every 4-7 days. Let the ears breath and dry between tapping. Take this opportunity to clean them with antiseptic wash. Don’t be afraid to let them relax for the day!

How to tape your Dogs Ears after cropping:

Begin by preparing your post with cotton, wrap cotton around one end to create some padding and comfort for your pet. This ball of material will go down into the bell of the dog’s ear so you want it to be as comfortable as you can to avoid head shaking. Test fit the post prior to applying tape, also adjust the length of your posts to the ears length at this time.

Next, get your tape and wrap the post sticky side out. Work your way up, wrapping the tape while overlapping the previous wrap. Once the posts are taped, set them aside and clean the dog’s ears thoroughly as described in your after care instructions from the Hospital, this will help them adhere to the posts and also help prevent infections.

Get someone to help you by holding your Dog’s ear up straight and placing the post down into the bell of the ear. Apply pressure and form the ear and post together. Have a 4-5″ piece of tape ready to wrap around the center of the ear. Press the center of the tape to the outer side of the dog’s ear mid-way. Wok from the center of the tape and press around the ear and over the post. Repeat this process at the bottom of the ear, as close to the base as possible… If you have a show cut you may even want to do it again near the top… Use your best judgement for the length of your Dogs ears oe as per instructed from the clinic.. Ok, next – wrap the ear, start at the base and got all the way up the post. Repeat this process with the other ear..

Next; Cut a piece tape long enough to create a link between the bases of both ears as close to the head as possible. And again in the center.

Watch for excessive redness, odor, discharge and other signs of a infections. Contact Dr. Sharp if these symptoms occur. If you have any questions regarding ear crops, or have a problem related to your surgery, please Contact us.